Part number: YR32W00002S007 Installed position: swing gearbox reduction

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Do you have the catalogue of all the excavator spare parts that you are doing? Because there are many spare parts in an excavator, and our parts range is very wide. We can't put all the spare parts into the catalogue. But we will put the good sellers into the catalogue. The best way to know our excavator spare parts, it's to visit our websites. We keep updating our websites whenever there are new parts. Our website is www.xiebangmachinery.com . It's also good way to ask our staff for what you need. Just the part number or few descriptions of the parts, we can confirm the excavator spare parts for you.   Do you have the earthmover equipments parts look-up system to check the parts? We have the parts look-up system to confirm the parts. Those include the Caterpillar excavator parts SIS system, Komatsu excavator parts system, Case IH excavator parts system, Doosan EPC excavator parts system, John Deere excavator parts system, Hitachi HOP excavator parts system, Kobelco EPC excavator parts system, ISUZU engine parts system, etc. And we are planning to provide such system online for our customers to check the parts. You can sign up our newsletter, once it's ready, we can inform you.   How to sign up our newsletter? Just send an email with title: newsletter to email address: sales@ynfmachinery.com .   Can you send us the dimensions and photos of the parts we need? In most cases, just the part number will be enough. But sometimes, we will send you the dimensions and photos so that you can double check before sending the parts.   What information do you need to check the freight cost/shipping cost? Firstly, it's the quantity of the parts that you need. We need this information to calculate the weight and volume. Secondly, it's the delivery address and postal code.   Do you have a excavator parts dealer near me? Currently we send all the excavator spare parts from our warehouse located in Guangzhou China. Usually it takes only 4-10 days to ship all over the world. Why we don't open warehouse in other area? Because we want to save cost of both you and us. For us, it can lower our cost on paying for the rents, human sorces and so on. Thus we can sell the excavator spare parts on a much lower price to you. For the buyer, 4 days' waiting can help you to save thousands of money. It's worthy.  YR32W00002S007 SEAL Kobelco parts 75SR ACERA, SK60, 70SR, 70SR-1E, 70SR-1ES, 80CS, 80MSR, 80MSR-1E, SK70SR-2, SK80CS, SK80CS-1E, 80MSR-1ES, SK80CS-2 OTHER AVAILABLE PARTS: YR32W00002F1 [1]   GEAR REDUCTION UNIT   HIT ASSY (SWING) 1. YR32W00002S001 [1]   SHAFT   KOB PINION 2. YR32W00002S002 [1]   COLLAR   KOB 3. YR32W00002S003 [1]   PLATE   KOB 4. YR32W00002S004 [1]   BEARING   KOB ROLLER 5. YR32W00002S005 [1]   GEAR   KOB CASE 6. YR32W00002S006 [2]   PLUG  7. YR32W00002S007 [1]   SEAL   KOB OIL 8. YR32W00002S008 [1]   BEARING   KOB ROLLER 9. PY32W00001S019 [2]   PIN   KOB 10. YR32W00002S010 [1]   GEAR   KOB RING 11. YR32W00002S011 [1]   GEAR   KOB 12. YR32W00002S012 [1]   GEAR   KOB 13. YR32W00002S013 [1]   HOLDER   KOB ASSY 14. YR32W00002S014 [6]   CAPSCREW   KOB SCREW CAPSCREW 15. YR32W00002S015 [1]   REPAIR KIT   KOB HOLDER ASSY Superseded by part number: YT32W00002R100 16. YR32W00002S016 [2]   COLLAR   KOB 17. 2436R354S18 [1]   PLUG  

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